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Broken on Sierra

Worked great for a long time, but this app under MacOS Sierra is not working for me. It simply can’t connect to our server after I upgraded to Sierra. Hopefully they will update it soon, but considering Sierra has been a public beta for 6 months, I don’t think this developer is interested in real support for Mac.

Great App!

Use this app daily to manage an AS/400 / iSeries server and it works wonderfully. Previously, I had to remote into a Windows server or run a local Windows VM to achieve the same results. Well worth the price!

Great AS-400 Emulator

I know of no other emulator for AS400 systems so as long as it works, right? You cant go wrong with this one. I started with the Lite version but quickly found out that F-keys do not seem to work, bummer. They totally work on the paid version! Using the terminal app on my work PC is a huge hassle. Its great to know I can do this with my MacBook. The SSL setting does not work with our system. Our company works in AS400 and will for some time to come. Its great to have this product, I have no problem paying the costs. I just set this up but so far its performing as expected. Thanks for this app!

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